Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Bennington College

Southwest Outdoor Educator Course, National Outdoor Leadership School


Adventure Filmmakers Workshop: Banff Mt. Film Festival - Michael Brown and Keith Partridge

Video Bootcamp for Photographers - Victor Ha

Travel Photography in Action - Linda Meyerreiks

A Natural Eye - Eddie Soloway

Filmmaker, photographer, and designer; at the heart of it, I tell stories. I craft visual designs to communicate ideas, and weave narratives together through word and image.

As a fimmaker, I work on documentary projects covering  marketing initiatives, events, stories, and moment in time. I'm most interested in telling stories about authentic people who share their motivations and passions as expressions of the joy of life.

As a photographer, my work focuses on capturing moments in time. This of course takes multiple forms from capturing varying light conditions to the way spaces are occupied throughout the day; intimate moments and large gatherings; a gust of wind against land formations cultivated across geologic time.

As a designer, I translate complex ideas into easily digestible nuggets of information be that through editing text, crafting diagrams, or designing layouts.