Fine art prints. Editions of 10. 9"x12". $350.

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Landscapes can be viewed at any scale. On an everyday basis, we walk through them often blind to what is in front of us, or below us, or of where we are within the context of the whole.

Seeing a larger context would give hints to the location. But this body of work relates to systems at play and processes on earth. The place has been removed. The essence is there. But the place is missing.

Systems create patterns and experiences. Processes pass before us in the blink of an eye yet our time is minuscule in geologic time.

These pieces explores the world as a texture. Is it near? Is it far? The sense of scale and proximity is skewed by the the lack of context within the frame. Pixelation adds another level of texture, in this digital age, further abstracting the meditation of a fleeting moment captured in time.